Unity for Beginners Meetup Tonight

So, tonight is a meetup for showing how to use Unity, more focused on the programming side of things. A bit nervous at the moment as there are currently 51 people reserved for the meetup, and normally there’s 10-30 more people that show up for meetups, so… yeah. Lots of people to try to show how to use Unity a bit.

I’ll be trying to make a quick mario clone in around 30-45 minutes… no pressure, right? Well, that’s what I intend to do. If we run out of time, we run out of time. Gonna run through and try to do it real quick during lunch at work today. Hoping to have player moving and jumping, an enemy that moves and dies and deals damage, coins, and a coin block. If I have time, maybe the fire powerup.

Anyway, that’s all, just a nervousness post. 😀