Scatter Jam is Over!

So, post scatterjam now. Theme was “connections”. I made a first person puzzle game where you can shoot out a little sphere that connects to things, then pull it (and the object it attaches to) toward you. You can also secondary fire and attach two objects together, “connect”ing them.

I am apparently not good at coming up with puzzle designs. I sat there almost the entire day Saturday and couldn’t come up with ideas, so Sunday I just threw together a tutorial area. Shows off all of the mechanics and such.

If you’d like to try it out, here’s the link. It’s

I think I like’s backend, so I’ll probably start putting up things I release on there (even if just demos and proof of concepts).

Anyway, I still need to set some time aside and actually work on the site some. I’ll probably look into making wordpress plugins and go from there. Just need to find the time.