How to Find a Gamer Girl

Today we are going to find out how to find a girl gamer. Many guys are interested in this question, a lot has been already written about it, but we feel like our take on the issue is quite unique and will improve your dating game. Some men don’t know how to find a girl when you’re a gamer, they feel like they are lesser because of that, but this is not true. You will be able to easily find a gamer girl to date if you are confident and will present yourself in a proper way. But what to do when you find a girl gamer? Where do I find a girl gamer? Why is it so hard to find a gamer girl? We will answer all of these questions and more, but before we list some easy ways to find a gamer girl, let’s talk about the definitions and benefits.

Which girl can be called a gamer?

A girl gamer is a girl that spends most of her leisure time playing videogames.

She likes playing videogames for one reason or another, but instead of watching movies, TV series, drawing, jogging, or doing yoga, she plays videogames, this is what she wants to do when she is done with her work for the day.

Of course, the lines can be quite blurred in definitions like this one, a woman may be into drawing, dancing, doing yoga, and can be a big fan of videogames at the same time. Maybe she doesn’t have much time for videogames right now, but still, she knows quite a lot about the industry and a lot of experience playing all sorts of videogames at various points in her life.

The main advantages of a gamer girl

Here are just some of the advantages of dating a gamer girl.

Benefit 1 – They are easy

They like to relax, they like to spend time having fun and laugh. Lots of memorable moments and hours of fun are the things you will get in a relationship with a gamer girl. When they find out you’re a gamer – this can provoke quite a lot of different topics for conversation, and you will end up playing games together, which will bring you closer.

Benefit 2 – They are less likely to cheat

Not to say that they are nerds that don’t leave their apartment, that would be rude and not true, but still, a gamer girl that is looking for a relationship wants comfort and stability, she will not be searching for someone else if she is fine with her partner.

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Benefit 3 – They are good with kids

They will always find great and new ways to spend time with children and thus, you should not be worried about their safety or entertainment, a gamer girl will take care of that.

Now let’s talk about places to find a gamer girl at.

Where to find a gamer girl?

Where should you be looking for a gamer girl? Here are the places that are the best suites for that.


How to find a gamer girl? Well, where to look for gamer girls if not for games. But that being said, this is not really a reliable way to meet a gamer girl that is single, so you should probably turn your attention to the following places.


How to find a gamer girl to date? Use forums. That’s better, there are thousands of forums devoted to all sorts of games and franchises, and women play a part in these communities and you can certainly meet them there, but the two other options are better at finding a gamer girl that is single.

Social Networks

Where to find a pretty gamer girl? Here’s a great way to meet gamer girls, you will be able to see her photos, check her interests, and start communication with her right there and then.

Dating sites

And here’s the best way to meet gamer women. Sure enough, dating services are the best way of dating, nothing surprising here. Also, there are quite a lot of services for gamer dating you can find online.

Now that we know how to find a sexy gamer girl, let’s talk about the tips and tricks that you need to remember in order to increase your chances of attracting a gamer girl.

How to attract a gamer girl

Here are some tips on how to attract the attention of a gamer girl.

Do not be annoying.

If she realizes, even for a second, that you are really clingy, it will put you at a disadvantage. Why? Because you should not saturate every second of her existence. There are many ways to show her that you are not clingy, for this you first need to show that you know your own worth. Be yourself, have your own goals and desires, don’t act as if your entire world spins around this very girl.

Relax and be careless.

Your main goal is entertainment, in addition, you can satisfy your ego by chatting about anything with a beautiful and interesting woman. Flirt, tease her, be a little cheeky, if it suits you, use sarcasm (with a grin, so she will know that you are just kidding). Imagine you are talking to an old friend.

If you do not agree with her words, tell her about it. In other words, don’t be pliable. When you do not agree, do not be rude to her; just explain your position and argue your words. If you do it right, it will give you a topic for a new interesting conversation. If you are confident in yourself, you can tease her about her incorrect position in a dispute. Be calm. Be cool. As the captain of the ship, you know that you are going towards your goal. Nothing will stop you, even failure won’t stop you. You expect the best, but be ready for the worst.

Tell her how attractive she is.

Pay attention to body language. Regardless of character traits or intelligence, women are pretty good at using non-verbal signs. After a little practice, you can easily recognize them. Just follow your instincts, they usually do not fail.

Ignore the failures.

Prepare in advance for the fact that she may not like you at all. If she likes you, that’s a plus; if not, pay attention to other interesting girls. If you take each rejection as a blow to your own ego, then every time you will be unpleasant, since reciprocity is not guaranteed every time. Failure is also the norm. If you take rejection so close to your heart, you may miss the thousands of other opportunities that await you.

Tips to attract a gamer girl

What do women think when they find out you’re gamer? They don’t think much of it, but some men are still quite afraid to admit it, and this is why they end up being shy. But here are some tips on how to attract the attention of a gamer girl and not come off as being shy.

Try to hook her up from the very beginning of the conversation.

Of course, it depends on the woman herself and the situation, but try not to repeat the mistakes of other guys – do not load her at the beginning of the conversation, do not be verbose and predictable. Your goal is to show your personality and impress her.

It’s not worth talking about work, politics or something negative.

Keep the conversation under control, but do not control it completely. Do not approach women with questions like “Where are you from?” or “What are you doing here?” Try to carefully nourish the conversation with energy, don’t be too annoying and don’t ask personal questions.

If she touched on a topic that might lead the conversation in the wrong direction, gently change the subject. Say something fun and easy to help change the subject. If she continues to lead the conversation to a standstill, you have two ways out of this situation: let her carry the conversation in a way that is interesting to her or find a polite way to end this conversation and focus on someone else. The standard phrase like “It was nice to talk to you,” will do.

Overcome obstacles smoothly.

Many women can say that they have a boyfriend, even if they don’t, you just haven’t hooked them yet. At the same time, many of those women who said this told the truth, but this really can be considered just an obstacle in your way. But do not be discouraged, as there are no insurmountable obstacles. You can smoothly get around it. If a woman says, “I have a boyfriend, I am not interested,” smile, say that you were pleased to talk to her and move on to the next candidate. Not everything in life happens smoothly. If she says “I have a boyfriend” and that’s all, then you can say: “Great, can I continue our conversation?” If she says yes, continue. Life is unpredictable and you can stumble on a pleasant surprise from time to time.

Never force a woman to do what she does not want. This will instantly discourage her interest in you. Practice! Try to start a conversation once a day with a stranger on the street. Remember the body language and tone that speaks of your interest in it! Be confident, but not arrogant. These are the keys to success.