Getting Back to Work

So, I haven’t done much since the scatter jam, nor the weeks before it. Why? Well, I’ve been working 10-12 hour shifts, and working at least one of the two days of the weekend, at work helping my boss to push out a podcast. Working on a wordpress site, editing the podcast itself, helping push it to libsyn and get it working with itunes, etc.

While I still have to edit the episodes and such as they are made, the hard part (getting 15 episodes ready before launch and the site and such) is done, so I get to relax and work normal hours again. I do have a project I need to work on (paid :D) for another person, but I also want to work on something of my own. While I have past projects I’d like to work on (attack on titan thing would be fun again, mech game {like hawken} would be fun as well), and I can also work on the st. louis game dev group’s project, I kinda want to work on something of a clone.

Why? Well, if I clone something, like say portal, I have a very clear target of things that have to be done, as well, an art style, and should be decently easy to work on. Portal is a bit different due to the portals themselves. Not only the camera, but largely the colliders. Anyway, I kinda want to do portal… so I think I’ll try it.

Is there a point? Not really, just learning. Maybe not portal.