How to Find a Gamer Girl

Today we are going to find out how to find a girl gamer. Many guys are interested in this question, a lot has been already written about it, but we feel like our take on the issue is quite unique and will improve your dating game. Some men don’t know how to find a girl when you’re a gamer, they… Read more →

Getting Back to Work

So, I haven’t done much since the scatter jam, nor the weeks before it. Why? Well, I’ve been working 10-12 hour shifts, and working at least one of the two days of the weekend, at work helping my boss to push out a podcast. Working on a wordpress site, editing the podcast itself, helping push it to libsyn and get… Read more →

Scatter Jam is Over!

So, post scatterjam now. Theme was “connections”. I made a first person puzzle game where you can shoot out a little sphere that connects to things, then pull it (and the object it attaches to) toward you. You can also secondary fire and attach two objects together, “connect”ing them. I am apparently not good at coming up with puzzle designs.… Read more →